5 Steps To Perfect Hanging Baskets



Hanging Baskets provide a beautiful and eye-catching display. And they’re not hard to install or maintain. These 5 steps will give you the perfect basket…



1. Pre-moisten enough POTTING MIX, not potting soil, to fill the container to within 1 ½” of the top. The 1 ½” allows for a good watering pool.


2. Fill the container with moist potting mix to the bottom of the bottom row of openings. Insert your desired plants root ball first into the openings laying the root balls on the potting mix with ½” of stem inside the container. If you are using plants with a root ball larger than 2” then gently push the foliage through the opening from the inside of the container. If you are a wholesale grower or growing for retail, depending on habit of the stock you use, it is not necessary to plant every opening, the potting mix will not wash out of unplanted openings. Plant to your own price point.


3. Add more moist potting mix to the bottom of the second row of openings and repeat step 2 patting down the potting mix and adding more if needed to reach the desired level.




4. Add more moist potting mix to the bottom of the top row of openings. Repeat step 2 again gently patting down the potting mix and add more if necessary.

5. Add more moist potting mix to within 1 ½” of the top of the container. Repeat step 2 using the same variety of plants you used in the sides. This gives the container a balanced look. Plants in the top should be no more than 3” apart. Water deeply until water drips from the drain holes in the bottom of the container to assure even hydration to all plants in the bottom rows.

Potting Mix Capacities:
10” Basket – ½ cubic ft.
11” Basket – .80 cubic ft.
12” Basket – 1.2 cubic ft.
14” Basket – 1.5 cubic ft.
20” Planter – 1.8 cubic ft.
40” Planter – 3.6 cubic ft.
(varies depending on brand used)


### Things to Remember!:

1. ALWAYS leave 1 ½” in the top of the container for a good water pool.

2. WATER DEEPLY until water drips from drain holes in the bottom of the container.

3. FERTILIZE once a week with a good liquid fertilizer that meets the needs of the variety of plants you are using. Ask your Nursery for advice if you are unsure.

4. USE POTTING MIX not potting soil.


### Plant Suggestions: 

Wave Petunias, Supertunias, Shanging basket using cone hangerurfinias, Cascadia Petunias, Super Cascade Petunias, Tidal Wave Petunias, Million Bells, Bacopa, Star Series Zinnias, Ivy Geraniums, Scaevola, Trailing Lobelia, Verbena (Taipan), Superbena, Nerembergia, Black Eyed Susan Vine, Nemesia, Sutera, Impatiens,Bagonias, Mums, Coleus, and many others. Try Strawberries or Tomatoes with some mixed vegetable varieties for a great patio garden using the 14” Basket or 20” Planter Box.




Thanks to HangingBaskets.com. Check them out for some great and unusual baskets!